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Demand Generation Agency Services

Demand Generation Services

To generate demand, people need to know who you are. Demand generation services include brand awareness campaigns, thought leadership, social media marketing, account based marketing, SEO content marketing, and more. We’ll determine how to reach the right people, in the right place, and at the right time to generate demand for your business’s products or services.

Lead Generation in Digital Marketing

Once you have your audience’s attention, it’s time to turn passive website visitors into real leads your marketing team can nurture and turn into prospects and buying customers. Lead generation in digital marketing can include paid media marketing, social media marketing, gated content creation, email nurturing, virtual events and conferences, and more.

GreenLit Marketing specializes in moving leads through the funnel and sales pipeline using the right content at the right time and lead scoring programs to drive engagement and increase revenue while remaining efficient with your marketing budget.

Account-Based Marketing

Don’t waste time trying to market and sell to unqualified leads that turn out to be a poor fit. With account-based marketing, personalized buying experiences and tailored communications and content for prospects allow you to quickly and effectively engage with your most promising accounts.

GreenLit Marketing is an experienced ABM agency that specializes in account selection, database building and target audience acquisition, campaign planning, asset development, and establishing the analytics and KPIs necessary to track the performance of your ABM campaign.

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As a full-service demand generation agency, we can create a multi-pronged and multi-channel demand generation strategy that will help your company generate more traffic and leads online.

Account-Based Marketing
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Lead Generation in Digital Marketing

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Demand Generation Online Marketing Services

Demand generation is a key part of a digital marketing strategy, allowing you to generate more website traffic and leads for your business. However, many marketing tactics can fall under this umbrella, and some might be a better fit than others for your budget and marketing goals.

That’s why we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all marketing packages. We’ll come up with a customized strategy that makes sense for your unique business. We’re a real marketing partner, and we’ll always do what we believe is right. Learn more about us.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

ABM Case Study

A global virtual events provider implemented an inaugural Account Based Marketing program to expand account penetration for their enterprise level clients.

GreenLit Marketing implemented a strategic tiered ABM campaign with campaigns and content personalized based on the tiered account.

The result was a 33% quarter over quarter sales growth in a quarter that historically saw declines.

The Problem

A large virtual events platform knew there was expansion opportunity in their enterprise accounts, but they had no way of finding that data in the system and tracking the progress. The sales team knew they wanted to implement an account based marketing program, but had no idea where to start.


The full ABM development encompassed account identification and tiering, data acquisition, augmentation and key persona identification. Campaign development was based on tier with Tier 1 receiving personalization at the company level and Tier 2 receiving vertical, or industry specific messaging. Sales sequences were developed to automate the process and track results.


The company saw an incredible increase in revenue during a historically low quarter. The program increased account penetration and strengthened existing client relationships. Content learnings established an ROI balance between the level of personalization effort and results optimizing campaign efforts moving forward.

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Brand Story

Branding in graphic design including positioning & messaging, persona workshops, and color workshops.


Professional SEO services and content marketing to will help boost your search engine rankings, and generate leads

Paid Media Management

Google Ads, social media marketing ads on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram, and comprehensive PPC management.

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