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Brand Story and Design Services

Building your brand story is how you build meaningful, lasting relationships, making customers for life. Many brands get stuck focusing on what they do: talking about their services and products. Although that is important, customers rarely have only one option. 

Customers buy from who they like. Through market research, design workshops, content storytelling, and more, we help our clients develop their brand to resonate with their customers’ desires.

Brand Strategy and Audience Segmentation

Your branding should not be about what you like, or what you think your customers will like.

We take a strategic approach to help you identify what actually resonates, and tell your story in a meaningful way that allows you to authentically connect with your customers.

To do this, we gather insights utilizing research techniques, persona workshops, and data analytics to uncover what makes your audience tick to help you cultivate stronger connections with them.

Brand Messaging and Language

Ever heard the phrase: use your words?

Words, stories, and ideas are not merely descriptive: they work together to provide a customer experience.

We help brands develop a thoughtful and strategic story and tone, personalized for their brand and target audience.

Effective brand messaging is also consistent, so we develop guidelines for language across all communications: from website copy to social media, to customer service communications.

Graphic Design

Your brand story is not written in words alone.

Your colors, logo, and other visual assets are often what customers first notice. Your visual identity builds lasting impressions about your brand.

Through market research, color workshops, and design consultations, we craft compelling brand identities that use visual elements to bring your story to life in a way that effectively resonates with your customers.

Strategic Content Marketing

Effective brand stories are not static.

Brand stories are shifting and growing alongside the needs of your customers.

Through long-term strategic content marketing services, we help your brand story continue to evolve to support your customers from their journey as a prospect through to evangelist. 

With blogs, social media, email campaigns, content resources and sales enablement that build on your story, you can ensure the right message to the right person at the right time.

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

As a full-service content and design agency, we can identify and develop all of the elements that make you unique, and write a brand story that is truly memorable.
Brand Strategy and Development
Brand Messaging
Visual Branding and Graphic Design
Content Marketing Strategies

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Custom Brand Strategy and Development

Whether you’re looking for help with messaging and content storytelling, graphic design support, or developing your brand from the ground up, we can provide solutions within your budget and timeline to take your brand story from vision to reality.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all marketing packages. Rather, we’ll come up with a customized strategy you can really get behind. We’re a real marketing partner, and we’ll always do what we believe is right. Learn more about us.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

Brand Story Development

A professional human resource services company had a change in leadership while simultaneously launching a rebranding. Significant changes can spook customers and prospects leading them to think that the company may have unknown challenges.

GreenLit Marketing helped to develop a messaging blueprint that addressed key stakeholders and then ensured coordinated communication leading up to the launch date.

The results:

  • 411% increase in engagement
  • 226% increase in followers
  • Engagement with prospects and partners led to increased sales



Thank you to you and your team for your help in getting our message out. I know it was a short turnaround and a little bumpy at times, but you all are GREAT!!! THANKS for your help!!!!

Vice President of an HR professional services company

The Problem

Anytime there is either a change in leadership or a rebranding, the biggest challenge is ensuring consistent messaging throughout the company and external communications so that the company is presenting a united front.

With employees, partners, prospects and customers spanning multiple segments a singular message wouldn’t work and with the launch only a month away, the client needed support to craft the message, develop the tactical execution and coordinate timelines for launch with the new website.


The entire project seemed overwhelming, but GreenLit Marketing knew just what to do!

The Solution

GreenLit Marketing conducted a key stakeholder identification workshop to determine how to best segment the messaging based on the unique needs of each audience.

From there, the team developed segmented messaging for each identified stakeholder. The communications included a plan of action. Staying coordinated between a website launch, press release, social media and email communications, the project was launched successfully.


While change can be scary, this was a great opportunity to engage with customers, prospects and partners and led to increased engagement, keeping the client top of mind for their audiences.

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What Else Can We Help With?

Web Development

From concept to completion, we offer web development services for every step, including website strategy, site structure and user flow, e-commerce set up, custom website design, creative services, and accessibility conformity.

Demand Generation

Lead generation in digital marketing, including account-based marketing, event marketing, growth marketing, email nurture, and lead scoring.

Search Engine Optimization

From SEO content analysis and SEO content marketing to technical search engine optimization, we will help your business improve its search engine results position.

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