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Why Partner with GreenLit Marketing?

GreenLit Marketing offers more than just standard recommendations. We do it all, from strategy and implementation to analytics. We’re flexible and adaptable and will come up with a custom plan that best meets your needs.

Oh yeah, and we’re fun, too!

100% Client Focused

We believe that not all marketing is created equal. When budgets are tight, you need a team that has the experience to know what will work to achieve your goals and how to build a scalable, repeatable marketing strategy that gets results.

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A Real Marketing Partner

We’re not your average agency – we don’t believe in transactional business. We’ll be your marketing partner, through and through.

We Do What We Believe Is Right

We won’t provide recommendations that aren’t likely to provide the results you’re looking for. We’re big on honesty and integrity. We’ll always tell you how best to spend your marketing dollars, with no catch.

We Focus on Empowerment

We want you to be part of the solution. That’s why we focus heavily on client education and empowerment, so you can make informed decisions and take an active part in your marketing plan.

We’re Flexible

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all digital marketing strategies. We’re adaptable and responsive to what works best for you, your business priorities, and your budget.

Real work. Real Results

We're a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

We make marketing easy (and exciting!), regardless of your business size, industry, or focus. Outsource digital marketing and let us take care of everything, from strategy and implementation to analytics and beyond.

Meet the People Who Make GreenLit Shine

Our Team

Jamie Hardin

CEO & Founder

Jamie brings nearly 20 years of professional experience in demand generation marketing having served clients in all industries including SaaS, Professional Services, Education, Retail and Government Contracting.

Davida Tescher

Chief Operating Officer

Davida offers more than 15 years of marketing experience including project management, finance and operations. She specializes in marketing research and analysis, SEO, and operational workflows.

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